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Janine  has always had a strong connection with animals and has worked in the animal health industry for more than 10 years. 


Janine's love for horses started early, with her parents equine links and the arrival of a strong willed pony at age three.  Through the years she has enjoyed riding in a variety of equine pursuits including Eventing, Games, Endurance, Hunting and currently enjoys pleasure riding and the ongoing pursuit of developing great equine partnerships.  

Janine's main interest has been in animal's health and well being and while working as a veterinary nurse she recognised the opportunity to treat animals with a complimentary approach and so began her journey into "whole"-istic treatments.  

While exploring equine bodywork techniques, Janine had a personal experience with Bowen Therapy, it made a lasting impression on her health and well being.   It was then knew she had found a modality that was powerful, yet gentle and non invasive and was inspired to study and complete training with SMART Bowen International College of Bowen Therapy as an Equine and Small Animal Bowen Therapist.



Whole Herd


In 2012 "Whole Herd Therapies" was registered and Janine invested in additional training in Biomechanics, Photonic Red Light Therapy, Tissue Mobilisation and Energy Therapies, as well as fundamentals in equine dentistry, hoof trimming and saddlefitting.

Completing a Foundation Certificate in Professional Saddle Fitting with Saddlefit Australia with Master Saddle Fitter Lou Collins in 2018.

Training with some of the industries most knowledgeable and well respected Professionals by attending clinics, conferences and mentoring with the intent of acquiring  high levels of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  
Whole Herd Therapies provides their clients with a professional service, providing information that is tried and tested, functional and will achieve lasting results.

Janine is  a registered member of the Equine Therapies Association Australia (ETAA) and has Professional Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance.

  • Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse, 2006

  • Equine Touch Level One, 2010

  • Equine Touch Level Two, 2011

  • Diploma Equine Smart Bowen Therapy, 2011

  • Certificate of completion in Advanced Photonic Therapy, 2011

  • Certificate IV Small Animal Smart Bowen Therapy, 2012

  • Barefoot Trimming- Andrew Bowe "Barefoot Blacksmith", 2013

  • Bio Mechanics - Sharon May Davis, 2014

  • Equine Dissection - Sharon May Davis, 2014

  • Animal Communication - One Spirit,  2012/14/15

  • BodyTalk Access for Animals, 2014

  • Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics - "Horses Inside and Out", Gillian Higgins,  2014

  • CNS and CranioSacral Techniques - One Spirit, 2014/16

  • Saddlefitting Dynamics- Dr Kerry Ridgeway, 2014

  • Photonic Red Light Therapy - JENT Institute 2015

  • Palpation Development and Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques,"Horses Inside and Out" Gillian Higgins 2016

  • Functional Anatomy of the Equine Hoof in Health and Disease, Prof. Robert Bowker, 2017

  • Equine Dissection - Sharon May Davies, 2017

  • Tissue Mobilistaion Techniques, Equestricare 2017 (currently training)

  • Saddlefitting for Equine Industry Professionals, Saddlefit Australia, 2017

  • Posture and Movement Clinic and Rehabilitation Techniques, "Horses Inside and Out" Gillian Higgins, 2017

  • Foundation Certificate in Professional Saddle Fitting, Saddlefit Australia 2018

"Wisdom in not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." - Albert Einstein

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