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  • Full Saddle Fit $160 (1 saddle:1 horse)

        -  add a saddle $80

  • Assessment & Health Check $80

  • Tracings $90

  • Saddle Trials and Test Rides $160 (up to 2 saddles)

Trained by Master Saddle Fitter Lou Collins, we provide professional saddle fitting for all makes of saddles.

We have access to a range of saddles and are able to offer Saddle test rides and trials

What will happen during a saddle fitting appointment?:

1) Assessment of saddle, horse and rider balance & position .

2) Saddle corrected.

3) Rider up in corrected saddle and re-assessed

* Saddles requiring heat pressing will need an additional follow-       up/refit appointment

* Additional costs may occur with X-Change, Thorowgood &

Quik-Change gullets systems.

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