"Janine has been treating my horses over 12 months now. I have 3 vastly different horses and her expertise, knowledge and rapore with my horses is second to none. Taz my 20 yr old stock horse is starting to feel the effects of age and so janine has done numerous treatment on him which he loves. She has provided advice on feed additives for joint health in order to sustain Taz as a riding horse as well exercises to keep him supple.

Flynn my 5 yr old warmblood (with a medical history of OCD surgery at 16 months old) has come along way as Janine has seen him through being started under saddle to now where he is in full work and showing absolutely no signs of his past history. I account her regular and thorough treatments to his success.

My newest member of the family Syd is also 5yrs old but only 15hh (in comparison to Flynns 17.1hh) and also a stockhorse. Recently he has had soreness in his back as we increased his work load and Janine was able to provide valuable insight into his saddle fitting (which had only been fitted professionally 3 months earlier) with follow up email and diagrams and pictures of the saddle in order to clearly show the angles in question. His shape had changed remarkably in a relatively short period of time.

I can't forget Lucky, my dog. An aged kelpie/lab cross. She has a range of health issues and now practically parks herself in Janine's lap when she comes,so she doesn't miss out on a treatment too! I, absolutely without a doubt, value Janine as a therapist and a great friend and highly recommend her to everyone."  
Maxine B. Albany WA

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Denmark,  Albany 

The Great Southern

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