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Photonic Red Light Therapy

Photonic Red Light Therpay is a safe and painless complementary therapy that integrates Scientific Technology with Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Photonic Red Light Therapy (PRLT) utiilises an activated Red Light that directs a single stream or wavelength of light within the absorption spectrum that tissues and cells of the body readily absorb when directed onto the skin


This intregrative approach promotes healing, by increasing cellur division, overturns chronic and accute conditions, increase mobility and improves general health and well being.


Photonic Red Light is non-heating, painless and non-invasive and complements veterinary medicine and all "hands on" therapies, it does not interfere with, negate or amplify the effects of medication

Photonic Red Light has two distinct applications and approaches being; 

Pain relief and accelarated healing

The electrical and chemical imbalance the body experiences when pain is present changes when red light photons are absorbed by the skin. The brain is stimulated to release particular endorphines, hormones and anti-inflammatories to relieve pain and accelarate healing.

Stimulate Acupoints

Red light has a profound use of stimulating given patterns on the skin that have increased bio-electro-magnetic conductivity called cutaneous photoreceptors or "acupoints".   Using acupoint "protocols" or "treatment plans", encourages the body's self-healing mechanisms to work more efficiently and can support the body through injury and illness.



  • Emergency first aid - shock, colic, bleeding control

  • Increase suppleness and mobility

  • Accelarate wound healing and repair

  • Relief from tight and sore muscles

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Increase cellular division, respiration and metabolism

  • Relief from localised acute & chronic pain - arthritis and ulcers

  • Stimulate acupoints, trigger-points and stress-points

  • Optimise health and well-being

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